About the Energy Switch Guarantee

Whether you’re looking for a better deal or seeking a better standard of customer service, the Energy Switch Guarantee let’s you switch with absolute confidence.

Switching to a provider who has signed up to the Guarantee, is easy. Here’s why:

  • To make the switch more simple, the whole transfer process will be handled by the provider you are switching to
  • It guarantees a reliable and hassle-free switch in just twenty-one days
  • You can continue using your existing energy provider right up to the point that you switch – so you won’t be without electricity or gas at any point
  • Under the Energy Switch Guarantee, in the unlikely event of any problem occurring, you have the reassurance that your new provider will work to resolve any issue swiftly and efficiently
  • If you change your mind within 14 days you simply remain with your existing provider
  • Any credit from your old energy account will be refunded within 14 days of your final bill

It’s all about giving you peace of mind.

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Suppliers’ Performance

The aim of the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG) is to increase consumer confidence in switching, and to improve the speed and the ease of the switching process. It is in the interests of signatories and consumers alike that the reputation of the ESG is upheld. In order for the ESG to achieve its aims, it is essential that the KPIs underpinning it are consistently met by signatories. Signatories report on their performance every quarter to show that they are compliant with the standards of the Guarantee.

The administrator of the Guarantee measures each supplier against three main KPIs.

These are:

  • KPI 2a: Proportion of valid switches that are completed within the 21 days as specified by the Guarantee. The compliance level for this indicator is 98%.
  • KPI 3a: Proportion of final bills issued within the 6 weeks as specified by the Guarantee. The compliance level for this indicator is 90%.
  • KPI 4a: Proportion of credit refunds issued within the 14 days as specified by the Guarantee. The compliance level for this indicator is 90%.

Below is the overall performance of signatories of the Guarantee for Q2 2018. We are happy to see that the overall performance of signatories surpasses the compliance level on all three of the KPIs.

KPI 2a
Switching Speed ≤21 Days
KPI 3a
Final Bills ≤ 6 weeks
KPI 4a
Credit Refunds ≤ 14 days

Overall Signatory Performance




Click here to download the Energy Switch Guarantee Non-compliance Process.

Compliance Decisions

If a Signatory reaches Stage 3 of the Non-Compliance Process, they are referred to the Compliance Committee for a hearing. The Compliance Committee consists of the Independent Chair of the ESG, a senior representative from Energy UK and a senior representative from Citizens Advice. The Committee is responsible for deciding whether or not the Signatory is in breach of the Guarantee and approving the most appropriate action to be taken. Appropriate action could include an improvement plan, an audit to understand the issue further and or confirm actions have been taken to prevent a future breach, suspension or termination. You can find the decision statements from past compliance hearings below:

Q2 – 2018 Bulb ESG Compliance Hearing Decision Statement

Q3 – 2018 OVO ESG Compliance Meeting Decision Statement

Q3 – 2018 Tonik Energy ESG Compliance Meeting Decision Statement